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This document explains what kinds of question states exist in Kitsune, how they are set and their implications.

Configuring new products

To configure a new product for AAQ you must edit within the questions app.

First, ensure the Product object exists for this product in the products app. If not create a new Product.

Next, Add a new item to the products dictionary using something like:

('product-slug', {
    'name': _lazy(u'Product Name'),
    'subtitle': _lazy('A brief description'),
    'extra_fields': [],
    'tags': ['tag-slug'],
    'product': 'product-slug',
    'categories': SortedDict([
        ('topic-slug', {
            'name': _lazy(u'Topic name'),
            'topic': 'topic-slug',
            'tags': []

'product-slug' should be the slug of the Product object for this product.

Question States


This is the unmarked state of the thread.


  • Users can reply

  • Visible in regular SUMO searches (with at least one helpful reply)

  • Visible to external searches

  • Visible in the regular questions list

  • Visible in the related threads section


This is the locked state of a thread. A thread can be locked in two ways:

  • By manually locking it via the question UI

  • Automatically after 180 days.


  • Users can’t reply

  • Moderators can unlock to reply

  • If there is an answer, the locked thread is still shown by search engines and our internal search.

  • If there is no answer, the locked thread will not be shown by search engines and our internal search.

Not indexed

Questions with no answers that are older than 30 days have a meta tag telling search engines not to show them.