Kitsune Deployments

This documents the current development (dev), staging and production (prod) servers for the instance of Kitsune.

The Source

All of the source code for Kitsune lives in a single Github repo.



The master branch is our main integration points. All new patches should be based on the latest master (or rebased to it).

Pull requests are created from those branches. Pull requests may be opened at any time, including before any code has been written.

Pull requests get reviewed.

Once reviewed, the branch is merged into master, except in special cases such as changes that require re-indexing. See Changes that involve reindexing.

We deploy to production from master.


We currently use Kubernetes for our infrastructure, see the instructions here for how to do deployments:



We use dev primarily to develop infrastructure changes.


We deploy to stage anything we want to test including deployments themselves.