Join this project!

Kitsune is the software that runs SUMO ( which provides support for Firefox and other Mozilla software.

Interested in helping out? Here’s a bunch of things we need your help with.

Help with support!

First off, you can help people get the most out of Firefox by joining the awesome support community. This community not only helps people with their Firefox issues, but is also the front line in helping drive Firefox development.

For more information on this, see the quickstart guide on the SUMO site.

Help reporting bugs

Please report any bugs you find with Kitsune on Bugzilla:

Help with hacking!

First step is to set up Kitsune so you can run it and hack on it. For that, see Development Setup.

If you have problems, please let us know! See Contact us.

Help with making Kitsune easier for hacking on!

We’re working on making Kitsune easier to hack on. This entails:

  • reducing the steps it takes to get Kitsune running down to a smaller minimal set

  • making this documentation better

  • providing better resources for people who are interested in helping out

  • providing better scripts to automate installing and maintaining Kitsune

Any thoughts you have on making this easier are much appreciated. Further, if you could help us, that’d be valuable to us and all those who follow in your footsteps.