IRC Bots

Kitsune developers hang out in the #sumodev channel of Mozilla’s IRC network. We use a number of IRC bots to help disperse information via this channel. Here are the important ones.


firebot (sometimes firewolfbot) is a common fixture of Mozilla IRC channels. He spits out information about bugs in Bugzilla. Just include the word bug followed by a space and a number (e.g. bug 12345, bug 624323) and firebot will post some info about the bug and a link to Bugzilla in the channel.

firebot is also an InfoBot and does a lot of generic MozBot-type stuff.


travis-ci is the IRC notifier from Travis. He tells us about the status of our CI builds.


kitsunebot is a jig bot that acts as a bridge between Github and Jenkins. (Yes, Github can trigger Jenkins builds itself. No, it doesn’t do it very well.) So far, she is very quiet, but we’d like to make her more useful.

kitsunebot filters commits by branch and triggers the correct Jenkins build. She also announces changes in IRC, but only shows the full list of changes committed for certain branches.