Army of Awesome

Setting up the Army of Awesome Twitter Application

Create the Twitter application

Go to and fill in the required fields. Also be sure to fill in a Callback URL, it can be any dummy URL as we override this value by passing in an oauth_callback URL. Set up the application for read-write access.

You will need to enter the consumer key and consumer secret in below.


Set the following settings in kitsune/

TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY = <consumer key>
TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET = <consumer secret>

Fetch tweets

To fetch tweets, run:

$ ./ collect_tweets

You should now see tweets at /army-of-awesome.

Common replies

Common replies should be defined in a wiki article with slug ‘army-of-awesome-common-replies’. The format for the article content is:

=Category 1=

==Reply 1==
Reply goes here

==Reply 2==
Another reply here

=Category 2=
==Reply 3==
And another reply

Note that replies can’t be over 140 characters long, including the @username and #fxhelp hash tag. Therefore, each reply defined here should not go over 125 characters. The reply must be plain text without any HTML or wiki syntax.